Henry County
Detention Center

Providing service to the community by insuring the safe and secure incarceration of persons.

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About Us

The Henry County Sheriff's Office patrols and protects all of Henry County. Providing the best service for the community and ensuring all citizens are safe. We are here for our community.

The mission of the Henry County Sheriff’s Office Detention Division is to provide service to the community by insuring the safe and secure incarceration of persons detained or confined by order of a qualified court or otherwise allowed by law. Detention/Confinement will be humane and constitutional as mandated by the United States Constitution, Federal and State Statutes, and applicable case law.

Sheriff Oberkrom has been serving Henry County for over 20 years. Mr.Oberkrom enjoys interacting with the community to build a strong bond between the Sheriff's Office and the citizens of Henry County.

Professionally trained personnel will staff the Detention Division ensuring the accomplishment of this office’s mission; as well as insuring that every effort is made to meet the needs of every citizen.

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Inmate Visitation

Visitation occurs on each Wednesday from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. Visitors must call to schedule their visit prior to visitation. For a Wednesday visit you must call by 9:00 pm on Monday and for a Saturday visit you must call by 9:00 pm on Thursday. Visits are limited to 15 minutes, unless you are driving from a distance greater than 75 miles and prior approval granted by Jail Administration Staff. Visits are conducted by video visitation system and are monitored and recorded. Only persons seventeen (17) years of age or older, with proper identification, will be allowed in the visiting room, except in the case of a juvenile accompanied by a parent/grandparent. Only three (3) visitors at a time per inmate will be allowed in the visiting room. All visitors are subject to warrant check. Visitors will be required to check-in at the front lobby desk and produce a valid picture ID prior to the visit.

Inmate Services

Inmate Electronic Communication

There are several ways to communicate electronically with an inmate. Just visit www.inmatecanteen.com

You can:
send a text
video visit
send pictures

Inmate Phone

Encartele is our inmate phone service provider. Visit their site www.encartele.net

You can:
Deposit money to an inmates account where they can purchase a phone card.
Visit the website to add funds to an inmates phone account.

Inmate Mail

All incoming mail is checked for contraband by detention staff. Contraband is anything not issued or previously authorized by jail staff.

Mail that needs prior approval:
Mail containing items other than written/typed correspondence.
Newspapers, magazines, books, pictures, clothing, packages of any kind will not be accepted without approval and must come from the original commercial source.

Whats Accepted at
Bonding Window

The following items are the only items officers are authorized to accept for inmates at the bonding window without prior authorization from the Jail Administrator.

Prescription Glasses
Prescription Medications that are not expired and in their original, approved container.

Food Service

Aramark is the Henry County Detention Center's food service provider. www.aramark.com

​Inmates receive three meals a day (2800 cal per day). They also can purchase food through commissary or additional meals form Aramark.

Inmate Fund

Detention staff members are prohibited from accepting, depositing or processing money or personal checks sent through the U.S. Mail.

Commissary funds may only be deposited:
In-person via the deposit kiosk located in the bonding lobby.
By visiting and depositing online via www.inmatecanteen.com

Career Opportunities

Detention officers are responsible for overseeing individuals who have been arrested and are awaiting trial or who have been sentenced to serve time in a jail or prison.

Detention officers typically do the following:
Enforce rules and keep order within jails or prisons
Supervise activities of inmates
Aid in rehabilitation and counseling of offenders
Inspect facilities to ensure that they meet standards
Search inmates for contraband items
Report on inmate conduct

Inside the prison or jail, detention officers enforce rules and regulations. They maintain security by preventing disturbances, assaults, and escapes. Detention officers supervise the daily activities of inmates, ensuring that inmates obey the rules. They must also ensure the whereabouts of all inmates at all times.

On any given day, officers search inmates for contraband, such as weapons and drugs, settle disputes between inmates, and enforce discipline. Officers enforce regulations through effective communication and the use of progressive sanctions, which involve punishments, such as loss of privileges. Sanctions are progressive in that they start out small for a lesser offense but become more severe for more serious offenses. In addition, officers may aid inmates in their rehabilitation by scheduling work assignments, counseling, and educational opportunities.

Detention officers periodically inspect facilities. They check cells and other areas for unsanitary conditions, contraband, signs of a security breach (such as tampering with window bars and doors), and any other evidence of violations of the rules. Officers also inspect mail and visitors for prohibited items. They write reports and fill out daily logs detailing inmate behavior and anything else of note that occurred during their shift.

Detention officers may have to restrain inmates in handcuffs and leg irons to escort them safely to and from cells and to see authorized visitors. Officers also escort prisoners between the institution and courtrooms, medical facilities, and other destinations.

Detention officers must report any inmate who violates the rules. If a crime is committed within their institution or an inmate escapes, they help law enforcement authorities investigate and search for the escapee.

Extra Information / Requirements:
Minimum of a High School graduate or GED
Minimum of 18 years old
Must have no criminal history
Perfer Jail or Corrections experience
Perfer College degree or some college
Starts at $12hr
You'll receive full county benefits

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